Area property deed transfers, June 27



Published: 06-26-2024 3:22 PM


Robert Pam and Dorothy S. Pam to Panda Bear LLC, 229 Amity St., $715,000

Douglas M. Horne to Murray Gintis and Victoria Gintis, 17 Baldwin Lane, Lot 17, $439,900

Tatiana V. Nikitina to Kyoma C. Brazao and Aline Lyra, 170 E. Hadley Road, Lot 73, $271,600

Rachel A. Borson to Karen E. Kopper, 27 Heatherstone Road, $620,000

Cashman Jr John J Est and Debra C. Tinkham to 24 Dickinson LLC, Kelley Square, $10,000

Mireault Mary T Est and Kenneth D. Mireault to 24 Dickinson LLC, Kelley Square, $25,000

Katherine O. Garrison and Robert Garrison to Hannah Uebele and Nata Hurwitz, 561 Station Road, $800,000

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Peter J. Greenwald and Phyllis M. Bermingham to Shelly A. Perdomo-Ahmed and Amer Ahmed, 5 Stony Hill Road, $720,000


Manuel A. Andrade and Susan O. Andrade to Christina E. Fitch, 160 Gold St., $740,000

Kenneth J. Pietras and Michelle M. Pietras to Willard A. Mckinstry 3rd and Michaela M. Thomas, 31 Maplecrest Dr., $426,000

Darren J. Chevalier and Gail A. Chevalier to Katelyn Bachand and Mark D. Bachand, 322 Mill Valley Road, $400,000

Jeramy Sands to Barry L. Reaves, 479 South St., $625,000

Lequin Jr Willimas W Est and Lisa Judkins to Neil Jackson, Stebbins Street, $67,000


Lorna K. Hunt to Jacob Boillat and Samantha Giffen, 10 Beyer Dr., $420,000

John A. Knybel and Melissa M. Knybel to Shayne Taylor and Jake Taylor, 17 Fort Hill Road, $750,000

John R. Hawley and Lynn R. Hawley to Steven J. Fickert, 75 Holyoke St., $150,000

Marek Gazda and Rebecca L. Gazda to Lavalley RET and Steven N. Lavalley, 2 Mechanic St., Lot 2Q, $275,000

David A Hardy Contractor to Dube RET and Carol A. Dube, Strong Street, Lot 28, $180,000

Paul S. Frisoli to Avi Steinhardt and Heather Steinhardt, 4 Ward Ave., $404,000


Jamison A. Bradshaw and Alexandria S. Moore to Ian Saisselin and Kirsten Beck, 66 Chestnut St., $530,000

Jonathan Tucker and Jean M. Koester to Danielle Anderson and Christopher Anderson, Depot Road, $179,000

Naples Homes Buyers T and Lucas Giusto to Tascon Homes LLC, 12 Dwight St., $260,000

Danielle A. Lenhard to Julia E. Mclew and Daniel W. Entrikin, 339 West St., $349,000


Shamika Santos to John Avolin II, 355 Chestnut St., $317,000

Robert A. Griffin and Muriel Griffin to Charles R. Moeller and Eileen Moeller, 85 Dupuis Road, $351,000

Jahjan LLC to Alycar LLC, 1412 Dwight St., $178,500

Oshea Lillian Est and Keith Kennedy to Ivan R. Belvis-Navarro and Lilliam Torres-Santiago, 166 Michigan Ave., $340,000

John M. Gaughan and Kimberly A. Gaughan to Mario X. Colon-Escalante, 3-5 Russell Terrace, $400,000

Anastacio Laureano Jr and Luz Laureano to Jose L. Rivera, 21-23 View St., $375,000


Lauren V. Alteio to Coel & Brook LLC Inc., 74 Barrett St., Lot 310, $215,000

Great Falls Prop LLC to Bulldog Realty Group LLC, 15 Ferry Ave., $430,000

Robert Brick and Janet Sheppard to David L. Sheppard-Brick and Xiaojing Jing, 27 Lyman Road, Lot B, $350,000

Mary Worcester to Naples Home Buyers T and Lucas Giusto, 228-234 Main St., $95,000

D L & Nancy L Perkins Lt and David L. Perkins Sr. to Eric Berzins, 691 Park Hill Road, $948,300

Laura J. Wright to Angela Mckenna and Trent Mckenna, 123 South St., Lot 8, $376,500


Francine Resler and Jeffrey Resler to Charlene Lapan, 509 Alvord Place, Lot 509, $375,000

Debora Battaglia to Jenning Hoffman Lt and Erika Jennings, 23 Ashfield Lane, $546,800

Leblanc Francis D Est and Nancy E. Leone-Leblanc to Andre J. Duquette and Dawn M. Duquette, 47 Columbia St., $250,000

Danuta Toklowicz to Colleen Hsu, 540 Granby Road, Lot 69, $228,000

Malena C. Tracy to Ester S. Rodrigeus, 38 Mountain Ave., $445,000


Vincent R. Snyder and Marjorie E. Snyder to Esther D Clark Solo K T and Jeffrey M. Clark, 9 Cold Spring Road, $485,000


Wicked Deals LLC to Haley Remodeling LLC, 29 Aspen St., $150,000

Sarah J. Douglas and Roxanne Douglas to Jakor Lopez and David Layte, 44 Bank St., $250,000

Mettig Melanie C Est and Nancy C. Godbout to Alycar Investments LLC, 22 Church St., $140,000

John O. Moore and Katherine M. Sarrasin to Stephen Cedeno and Aubrey Cedeno, 39 Homecrest Ave., $280,000

Deborah A. Mandella to Ciccolate Rt and Dominic Kirchner II, Osborne Road, $36,500

David M. Bera to Harris Holdings LLC, 193 West St., $350,000


Donald & Nancy Graham Ft and Donald P. Graham to Kael Miyata and Bryanne Macdonald, 43 Northwest Road, $490,000

Franklin County


Adam Czachorowski and Katherine Donnelly to Brian Colleran and Katherine E. Goodall, 300 Conway Road, $557,000

John T. McConnell and Carol McConnell to Bryant J. Crubaugh and Riley O. Mummah, 35 King Philip Ave., $574,900

Kirsten Oxboel to Jason M. Levy and Kathleen A. Pierce, 108 North Hillside Road, $675,000

Felix Rodriguez and Lindsay Rodriguez to Elizabeth Brown, 121 Sandgully Road, $430,000