Area property deed transfers, June 6



Published: 06-05-2024 9:32 AM


Lia B. Brassord to Anne E. Conrad and Alexander S. Conrad, 72 Amity Place, Lot 72, $450,500

Peter H. Robson and Erin K. Robson to Kwan H. Lee and Hea S. Lee, 344 East Hadley Road, $500,000

Lucinda Nuthmann to Claudia Brown and David P. Markland, 344 Flat Hills Road, $935,000

Thomas Crossman to Puffers Properties LLC, 45 Leverett Road, $444,000

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Mary O. Longsworth and Charles R. Longsworth to Liping Wang and Jiaoyu Xiong, 1 Russett Lane, Lot 1, $349,900


Crystal Wilson and Nathaniel L. Wilson to Mary L. Asiimirwe and Louis Asiimirwe, 9 Autumn Lane, $450,000

Jean Matus to Tascon Homes LLC, 39 Depot St., $80,000

Kenneth F. Leonard to Joshua Steffen, 28 Meadow Pond Road, $481,000

Daniel R. Leitl and Joyce C. Leitl to Christopher R. Creed and Debora P. Creed, 500 N. Liberty St., $1,210,000

Belding Jr John H Est and Sarah A. Wojnas to Ryan Cadieux, 55 N. Main St., Lot 21, $294,000


Charlotte C. Lawrence to Jacquelyn A. Scalzo, 29 E. Maple St., $415,000

Dubois Loraine E Est and Aaron Spiller to Krystal Bouthillette, 57-59 Ferry St., $325,000

Everain Orchard LLC to John M. Kramer and Patricia A. Latino, 25 Golden Dr., $426,500

Beth M. Dietz to D&b Prismatic Hldg LLC, 250 Northampton St., Lot C, $250,000

Duckcharm Holdings Inc. to D&b Prismatic Hldg LLC, 250 Northampton St., Lot D, $225,000

Sohpie M Bak Irt and Dorota Bak to Jasper Cowley, 155 Park St., $345,000

Durfraine Jeanne B Est and Michelle L. Simpson to Nathan Rosazza, 13 Sutton Place, $370,000


Thomas Herbert and Samatha Herbert to Benjamin C. Douglass, Batchelor Street, $190,000


Lynne P. Dziok and Theodore E. Dziok to Yee W. Lau and Steve Granick, 4 Bayberry Lane, $800,000

Helen L. Kapinos to Ann D. Wambolt, 6 Moody Bridge Road, $682,000


125yale LLC to Crystal Torres, 847-849 Dwight St., $300,000

Laurie C. Kaeppel to Jocelyn Brown and Jeremy V. Croake, 27 George St., $426,000

John L. Labelle to Jennifer E. Sawyer, 350 Homestead Ave., $275,000

Erin K. Bartuska to Deborah Cooper, 167 Pearl St., $236,000

Rachel E. Dworkin to Philip T. Gunderson, 77 Queen St., $286,093

Peter D. Hotz to Rolando Rivera and Maria Rivera, 466-468 South St., $350,000

M M B Rt and David A. Mengel to Woodrow Amy Est and Sandra E. Woodrow, 24 Springdale Ave., $75,000

Woodrow Amy S Est and Sandra E. Woodrow to Naples Home Buyers T and Lucas Giusto, 24 Springdale Ave., $126,500


Natl Farm & Forerstry LLC to Christian R. Wilkinson, Goss Hill Road, $50,000


Irena Smoluchowski to Joan L. Zukas, 67 Crescent St., Lot 3, $365,000

Justin Smith to Gregg Simonsen, 25 Elizabeth St., $500,000

Anthony A. Dastoli to John P. Beno and Jennifer R. Marcotte, 629 Florence Road, $540,000

Bonnie L Sachs RET and Bonnie L. Sachs to Mineral Hills Nt and Jeffrey M. Siegel, 1089 Westhampton Road, $1,850,000


Timothy Doire and Sarah J. Doire to John Webber, 79 Daniel Shays Highway, $300,000

Miranda Dow to Marlena A. Springstubb, 202 N. Valley Road, $480,000


Bryan M. Gleason to Cheryllisa Tagalan and Matthew Caballero, 44 Abbey St., $300,000

Karen A. Nelson and Fracis M. Leblanc to 4 Dunn Rt and Leslie M. Stoltz,17 Foch Ave., $180,000

Mary D. Lambert and Paige Hermansen to Tsi-Yi T. Hauang, 8 Ralph Ave., $351,700

Skinner Woods LLC to Theodore E. Dziok and Lynne P. Dziok, 8 Skinnerwoods Way, Lot 8, $569,900


James P. Kelly and Ann M. Kelly to Charlotte C. Lawrence, 15 Hillside Meadows Dr., $515,000

Edward K. Schlieben and Thea Schlieben to Carolyn Zaikowski and Judith Verplanck-Elliot, 123 Russellville Road, $415,000


David M. Lindsey and Laura Lindsey to Brodi K. Willard, 84 Church St., $375,000

J & S LLC to Delmy Y. Contreras, 70 North St., $400,000


Brenda Salyer and Annette Tector to Steven Weinsier, 12 Pine Island Lake, $925,000


Stephen J. Fisk to Thomas Fisk and Samantha Fisk, 239 Huntington Road, $450,000

Sharon E. Slater to Sean Moore, 508 Old North Road, $210,000

Franklin County


Peter d’Errico and Angela H. Taylor to Caitlin Marquis and Sean Calhoun, 340 Long Plain Road, $675,000


Jamie H. Sullivan and Angela A. Morsbach to Sarah Doire and Timothy L. Doire, 59 Briggs Road, $240,000