Guest columnist Andy Morris-Friedman: The price of freedom?


Published: 07-19-2023 5:38 PM

This Fourth of July really got off with a bang. Most importantly it’s the anniversary (OK, maybe not most importantly) of my own marriage to my long-suffering wife. Each year I give her flowers with a sympathy card saying, “Stuck with me for another year.” Also my best friend used to have his anniversary on the same day, but they’re divorced now and we don’t talk about it. But I digress.

Today our traditional July 4 celebrations are under liberal assault. Cookouts and bonfires, they say, add to global warming. Fireworks adds percolate to our drinking water here in Hadley. They don’t even like parades. If I was the parade organizer, I’d have them march behind the horses. All in good fun.

But this year we’ve been treated to a new way to celebrate our country’s founding. No, I’m not talking about shark attack, but people attack.

The 17 mass shootings we had during the Fourth of July weekend is a new record, 73 people shot, 11 dead. Way to go America! Our forefathers knew that the price of freedom isn’t free. And if mass shootings are the price of freedom, that’s a price I’m willing to have them pay. The Supreme Court said that Americans have the unconditional right to bear arms, and once a person has a right to do something, you can’t just take it away unless it’s abortion.

Frankly, these so-called mass killings happen so often that they shouldn’t be front-page news any more unless the record for the number of deaths is broken (60 dead, 867 injured, Las Vegas 2017) or the shooter is a celebrity. The truth is that the real victims of mass shootings are law-abiding gun owners who could lose their right to use assault rifles, large-capacity magazines and body armor.

Just because any wannabe mass murderer can get tons of guns sent to their house in 24 hours with free shipping doesn’t give you the right to kill the Second Amendment. The truth is that most shootings have nothing to do with guns, yet the liberals are coming to take yours away anyway.

People in blue states want red flag laws, but people in red states say such laws give them the blues. They say they only want to take guns away from deranged and mentally ill people, but that would target the gun rights of 90% of the NRA and half of Congress!

Everyone agrees that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a bigger gun. That’s why giving everyone a gun will solve the problem. Well, maybe not giving them guns, that’s socialism, but giving them vouchers so they can buy their own guns is a market-based solution to the mass shooting crisis.

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Just think how safe you would feel knowing that everyone you see is carrying a concealed weapon. If that teacher who was shot by a 6-year-old had had a gun, she could have stood her ground and fired back.

If you’re opposed to teachers packing guns, home-school your kids. Wouldn’t you rather your children be shot in your own home by your own gun than in some public school by some deranged stranger?

I know I would. What better way to celebrate American independence?

Andy Morris-Friedman lives in Hadley.