A Look Back: June 27


For the Gazette

Published: 06-26-2023 11:00 PM

50 Years Ago

■Superintendent of the Gateway Regional School Richard Holzman resigned this week to become chief assistant for education performance review in the executive chambers of Gov. Nelson Rockefeller. Dr. Holzman was named Gateway superintendent in April 1971 after being chosen from among 90 applicants.

■A former Northampton resident who spent 13 months in a North Vietnamese prisoner-of-war camp said this weekend he was mentally but not physically tortured and that he was pressured to mouth propaganda and to collaborate with the enemy. Air Force Capt. James Cutter returned to the area Saturday for a reunion at Look Park with many of his friends and relatives.

25 Years Ago

■Dennis H. Grubbs, headmaster of The Williston Northampton School, known to his colleagues simply as “Denny,” will end his 15-year tenure after the 1998-99 school year. Grubbs said the school is in good shape, and it is a positive time to end his career there.

■A parent-led effort to reduce the size of next year’s fourth-grade sections at Leeds Elementary School has prompted parents from the Finn Ryan Road School to ask for equal treatment. Should educators move to adjust the class sizes at Leeds, it is clear, they will be called upon to do so in other elementary schools as well.

10 Years Ago

■The Classic Chevrolet franchise now in Amherst is in the process of being moved to Northampton. Bryan Burke, owner of Burke GMC at 200 North King St., said he is purchasing the franchise rights to carry the Chevrolet line of vehicles from Classic.

■Northampton voters overwhelmingly approved a $2.5 million Proposition 2½ override Tuesday, the second time in four years residents agreed to permanently pony up more in property taxes to retain city and school services. Residents said yes to an additional tax burden that may save 18 jobs, including 14 in the city schools and four police officers.