A Look Back: July 29


For the Gazette

Published: 07-28-2023 11:00 PM

200 Years Ago

■Orenzo Parsons and Douglas Hurlbut have entered into co-partnership in the business of cloth dressing, under the firm of Parsons and Hurlbut. They have erected a convenient shop for their business at a little distance north of Mr. Enoch Lyman’s house in Westhampton. They will pay a generous price for cider in cloth dressing if delivered at Enoch Lyman’s distillery.

■Strayed from the subscriber at Hadley, Upper Mills, on the 3rd of July, a small dark brown cow, about 7 years old – no artificial mark, except a hole in each horn – has a white stripe on her back. Whoever will take up said cow and give information to the subscriber shall be generously rewarded. – Geo. Hibbard.

100 Years Ago

■Further developments in the condition of President Harding, ill at a hotel in San Francisco as a result of an attack of ptomaine poisoning, were being awaited today by his physician. Neither Brigadier General Sawyer, the President’s personal physician, nor Lieutenant Commander Boone, assistant to Mr. Sawyer, would make any statement in advance of a bulletin promised at 10 a.m.

■Baron and Baroness de la Ferte-Goncer of Biarritz, France, are spending the weekend with Major and Mrs. John D. Kilpatrick of Crescent Street. They are visiting friends in the United States during the summer.

50 Years Ago

■A 3.2-billion-year-old moon rock, encased in dust-free glass and mounted on a pedestal, made its debut at Memorial Hall this morning, where it will be on display through Saturday as part of the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce-sponsored Sidewalk Bargain Days.

■Many Hampshire County residents are buying up enormous quantities of meat and storing it in their newly bought freezers. In simplest terms, it appears that the government’s economic controls are prompting people to hoard meat.