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Photo: Cutting-edge approach
07-11-2024 5:02 PM

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Marianne Banks: A momentous and memorable photograph
07-09-2024 3:00 PM

Occasionally there’s a photo in the Gazette that captures something really momentous. Last week there was a photo of the July 4 swearing-in of our newest American citizens [“‘Like a dream come true,’” Gazette, July 5]. Mere days earlier, certain...

Rick Hart: New supportive housing
06-25-2024 6:44 PM

We at Hampshire Support Alliance (formerly Friends of Hampshire County Homeless Individuals) were happy to see the Gazette’s extensive reporting on Independent Housing Solutions, housing people who don’t always fit into traditional housing options....

Valerie Reiss: Forget the grown-ups
06-19-2024 5:15 PM

It appears that the mayor and much of the City Council remain bound to the incorrect notion that we don’t have enough money to properly fund the schools — and that advocating for level funding is somehow distasteful or disrespectful. Even though...

Guest columnist Jennifer Bryan: Northampton pickleball project needs a little boost
06-18-2024 7:59 PM


 What an exciting time to see the fastest-growing sport in the country take root in western Massachusetts! Witness the development of pickleball courts in Westfield, Belchertown, South Hadley, Easthampton, Southampton and more. A new project in...

Lora Sandhusen: Discourage ultra-wealthy consumption habits with carbon tax
04-24-2024 4:46 PM

In Russ Vernon-Jones’ column “Solving humanity’s shared climate crisis” [Gazette, March 14], he advocates funding green projects for the Global South by taxing the ultra-wealthy. Why? Because “that’s where the money is.” In response, guest columnist...

Linda Butler: Good news in the fight for a livable world
04-03-2024 4:25 PM

Thank you for another excellent column by Russ Vernon-Jones (”Solving humanity’s shared climate crisis,” Gazette, March 14). He’s right to ask us to take a global perspective on climate change. We’re all in this together. I also appreciated Daniel...

Margaret Riddle: MCAS test for voters to decide
03-29-2024 4:01 PM

In 1998, the first year the MCAS was required, I administered the test to fourth grade students in Northampton. Later, as a principal, I supervised the administration and analysis of the results. As such tests go, the MCAS can be useful, however it is...

Lee Armstrong: Understanding GPS
03-24-2024 11:17 AM

This is in response to the March 21 Associated Press article entitled “GPS is a covered bridge’s worst enemy.” It refers to the use of GPS as a navigational tool. I have had many friends also say that they use GPS to find a route to the desired...

Margie Riddle: VINS Dog Show a community success
03-08-2024 1:37 PM

An enthusiastic crowd of dog lovers and their owners and admirers welcomed the 16th annual Volunteers in Northampton Schools Dog Show back on March 2 after a hiatus during the pandemic.The board of directors of VINS appreciates all who attended as...

Guest columnist Karen Bercovici: LGBTQ and the erasure of true female identity
03-04-2024 7:01 PM


‘I desire you would Remember the ladies … Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the husbands. Remember, all men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a...

Paticia K. Doppmann: Welcome to Taxhampton
02-12-2024 5:33 PM

Recently I read an article in the Gazette regarding the need for two overrides in Northampton in the next five years to fund the schools [“A grim budget preview,” Feb. 1]. What is wrong with this picture? This city is spending over $20 million to...

Guest columnists Mark Reynolds and Linda Butler: Energy alternatives will protect Americans from blackouts 
01-11-2024 4:33 PM


As we reflect on a year of unprecedented weather events, we must move into the new year embracing a diverse mix of power options to protect Americans from blackouts and climate extremes.While Massachusetts escaped the worst of the U.S. heat waves this...

Guest columnist Lee Armstrong: Taking 2nd Amendment to extremes
08-21-2023 4:33 PM


Those who take a hard right stance on guns claim a never-ending woke effort is to take away, or at least strictly control, their guns. What they want is total elimination of all gun restrictions and controls.The U.S. Supreme Court decisions of the...

DA’s office IDs Haydenville man killed in crash
08-16-2023 4:47 PM


NORTHAMPTON — The Northwestern district attorney’s office has identified the 57-year-old Haydenville man who was killed Tuesday afternoon in a two-vehicle crash on the Northampton-Williamsburg line.Edward Duggan was the driver of an SUV that was...

Lora Sandhusen: Fresh Air Fund program highly worth it
07-17-2023 4:19 PM

A recent letter from Sue Morrello and Jeanne Esposito describes the joys of local families’ continuing relationships through the Fresh Air Friendly Town program (“Kudos to Fresh Air Fund families,” Gazette, July 12). Twenty-five years ago, my family...

Guest Columnist Jenifer McKenna: A ‘reckless veto’ in Easthampton 
07-14-2023 6:03 PM


On July 5, the Easthampton City Council passed an ordinance to increase “safe and fair access to legally protected reproductive and gender-affirming healthcare services.” On July 6, Mayor Nicole LaChapelle vetoed it — the first time she has used her...

Lee Armstrong: Solar farm questions
07-12-2023 8:44 PM

This is in response to the article “Report: Mass. has ample solar power potential” [Gazette, July 10].For starters, where does this power come from at night or during a major rainstorm? At least the article acknowledges that wind and hydro energy...

Karen Bercovici: Treatment of superintendent candidate ‘disturbing’
07-05-2023 11:29 AM

The treatment Erica Faginski-Stark was subjected to by the Hampshire Regional and Easthampton school districts is disturbing. The “controversial” Facebook post that sunk her two candidacies was about fairness in girls sports. Science confirms that...

Barbara Sheinmel: Shocked by city’s fireworks 
06-27-2023 4:19 PM

Having recently moved to Massachusetts from Pennsylvania, I have been marveling over how forward-thinking Massachusetts is relative to the rest of our 49 states. But wait … I marveled too soon.On the evening of May 24, I was rudely shaken by  what...

Connie Burak: Bombyx shutdown a questionable act
05-26-2023 9:59 AM

Bombyx Center for Arts & Equity is not the name of a “nightclub.” Neither is a nightclub the same as a “live music venue” which doesn’t even sell water or have space for dancing (among church pews?). Nor does it comply with Merriam-Webster’s...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 27 total.

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