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Weekly Food Photo Contest: This week’s winner: Nicholas Horton of Northampton

04-13-2024 8:01 AM

This week’s winner, Nicholas Horton of Northampton, made Ethiopian food at home with his daughter Nari Horton (also of Northampton) “with injera provided by a daughter visiting from Minneapolis.”Submit pics at

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What does freedom look like today? On view at Williams College, seven Black American artists interpret the meaning of emancipation

04-12-2024 3:20 PM


Through July 14 at the Williams College Museum of Art you can view new works by seven of today’s leading Black American artists in “Emancipation: The Unfinished Project of Liberation.” The show, “conceived as a commemoration of the 160th anniversary...

Spring brings new art: A look at what's on tap in April at selected local galleries

04-12-2024 2:43 PM


April weather can be fickle, as this week, with some warm, sunny days to start, followed by a few days of clouds and rain, has shown.But if you can’t get out into nature as much as you’d like, you can still see plenty of artwork in the region, which...

Book Bag: ‘Dear Oliver: An Unexpected Friendship With Oliver Sacks’ by Susan B. Barry; ‘Benjy’s Messy Room’ by Barbara Diamond Goldin

04-12-2024 11:54 AM


Dear Oliver: An Unexpected Friendship with Oliver SacksBy Susan R. BarryThe Experiment, LLCSusan Barry, a former Mount Holyoke College professor of neuroscience, behavior, and biology, was born with a significant case of strabismus — crossed eyes —...

Only Human with Joan Axelrod-Contrada: To journal or not to journal: Advice for when journaling feels like it’s holding you back

04-12-2024 8:43 AM


Anyone who’s ever kept a journal can relate to the song “Dear Diary” by the Moody Blues.The tune came out in 1969 at the height of my adolescent angst. I poured my misery into a pocket-sized pink diary with a lock to keep away prying eyes. Like the...

Arts Briefs: An arts festival at Smith College, a theatrical version of an iconic 1920s novel, and more

04-12-2024 8:40 AM


Editor’s note: The performance at Northampton’s A.P.E. Gallery tonight with Fumi Tomita has been canceled. However, Tomita and Allen Fowler will be present for the artist’s reception at the gallery from 5-8 p.m.​​​​​​A new arts celebrationNORTHAMPTON...

The risk in revealing: 2023 Grammy winner Madison Cunningham comes to Northampton

04-11-2024 10:19 AM


Madison Cunningham, who comes to Northampton’s Academy of Music April 19, won the 2023 Grammy Award for Best Folk Album, for her 2022 release, “Revealer.”In fact, Cunningham, who grew up in southern California and still lives there, also has won...

Speaking of Nature: Molting for amore: Spring has arrived and male goldfinches are starting to molt into their nuptial plumage

04-09-2024 12:16 PM


It just so happens that I am a creature of habit and I always write my column on a Thursday. On this particular morning I find myself luxuriating in an unexpected, but most welcome, deviation from my normal routine. A huge winter storm has arrived and...

You’re up next: Western Mass open mic scene heats up post-pandemic

04-05-2024 2:04 PM


Not so long ago, there was a general lament sometimes heard among Valley musicians: “There aren’t enough places to play around here.”That might have been true for professional players who wanted to be paid — and maybe, despite the opening of new local...

Weekly Food Photo Contest: This week’s winner: Leslee Nuttelman of Florence

04-05-2024 2:03 PM

This very impressive-looking cake was sent in by Leslee Nuttelman of Florence. She says it’s “pistachio cake with a raspberry gelee filling and mascarpone whipped cream,” which sounds like the perfect combination of flavors. How to enter: Snap a pic...

Earth Matters: Why opposites attract: The magnetism between two things isn’t always fully explicable; sometimes it just feels right

04-05-2024 2:01 PM


One of my favorite books from childhood is P.D. Eastman’s “Big Dog, Little Dog,” the story of two bi-pedal pooches who are best friends. But Fred is tall, and Ted is short; Fred drives slowly and Ted drives fast; Ted plays the tuba, and Fred plays the...

Get Growing with Mickey Rathbun: What good is an herbarium? Herbariums, like Emily Dickinson’s, are an essential resource for scientists

04-05-2024 2:01 PM


The word “herbarium” sounds a bit quaint, even antiquated. We may think of Emily Dickinson’s herbarium, which she created during her year at Mount Holyoke in 1847-48. Although she had begun studying plants at age 9 and was helping her mother in the...

Let’s Talk Relationships: Talk to me like you love me: How to use words to love your partner better

04-05-2024 1:49 PM


As time goes by in a relationship, and partners get to know each other more, there will be inevitable hurts, disappointments and upsets. This is what happens when we share our life with another human being. We each come from our own backgrounds,...

For all the bragging rights (and one trophy): The winners of this year’s Valley Voices story slams head to a final competition

04-04-2024 3:33 PM


The assignment is pretty straightforward: tell a concise story about your life, in no more than five minutes, that reflects a certain theme.The challenge is in telling that story with enough heart, spirit, verve, humor or whatever else you can conjure...

The Beat Goes On: Cloudbelly celebrates a new album in Northampton, Brazilian sounds come to Amherst, and more

04-04-2024 3:32 PM


Just days after former folk and Americana performer turned indie-pop singer Caroline Rose played in Florence, Cloudbelly, the Valley indie folk band led by singer-songwriter Corey Laitman, is set to showcase songs from a new album that has a...

April is a theatrical month: Latinx Theater Symposium and Shakespeare on tap at UMass

04-04-2024 3:30 PM


April is shaping up to be a busy month for the University of Massachusetts Theater Department, beginning with a symposium that honors Latinx theater and closing with a fresh interpretation of a classic Shakespeare comedy.On April 8-9, theater...

Around and About with Richard McCarthy: Living the dream? In less than a minute, a new pitcher loses more than just the game

04-04-2024 3:29 PM


Sometimes I turn on the television for what a friend of mine calls “bubble gum for the mind,” just something to chew on a little bit. Once in a while that expected slight entertainment turns into something more than that, something riveting, and not...

Speaking of Nature: No power, no problem: The late-March storm that set a new record

04-02-2024 12:17 PM


As seems to be the case more and more often, March went out with a bang. And, in agreement with my assessment of the year from last week’s column, it seems only fitting that we experienced our most major winter storm of the season in what was...

Tropical paradise? Not so much: Spring exhibits at Mead Art Museum examine the effect of tourism in the Caribbean, Native American art, and more

03-29-2024 12:40 PM


What could be better in winter than a trip to the Caribbean? Warm but not overly hot temperatures, beautiful sandy beaches, crystalline waters — sounds like paradise.But as a current exhibit at the Mead Art Museum in Amherst shows, paradise for some...

A time for every purpose under heaven: Free sing-a-long Pete Seeger Fest returns to Ashfield, April 6

03-29-2024 12:40 PM


This year marks the 10th anniversary of Pete Seeger’s death. The legendary folk musician, political activist, and environmentalist touched lives around the world with his songs, which were rich in hope and history and exhibited a strong sense of...

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