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Get Growing with Mickey Rathbun: Become an educated gardener: Three upcoming symposia will answer all your gardening questions
03-08-2024 9:51 AM


Most of us humans assume that other creatures experience the world through their senses of sound, taste, smell and touch, the same way we do. But we couldn’t be more wrong, as science writer Ed Yong explains in his fascinating new book, “An Immense...

Speaking of Nature: The bird that surprised me: Brown Creeper uncommon for most of year, expertly camoflauges among dead trees
03-05-2024 1:20 PM


It was the end of a very long day, but, because of the increasing daylight that we have all been enjoying, it was still light out when I got home. I pulled up to the garage, but I had to get out to open the garage door because my door opener had died....

Speaking of Nature: From rare to regular: The Carolina Wren may soon become a regular backyard bird for all of us
02-27-2024 2:53 PM


According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2023 was the warmest year ever recorded. I remember it being hot in the summertime, but I think the effect of this heat was most noticed by me in the autumn. The Thinking Chair...

Speaking of Nature: Midnight wail — The call of the Red Fox
02-20-2024 9:22 AM


It was early in the morning.  I had a fresh cup of coffee and a little something to nibble on as I sat down at my computer and tried to make a decision.  What was I going to write about this week?  There were two ideas rattling around in my head but...

Speaking of Nature: A romantic evening for two birders — To hear the wonderful sounds of the Saw-whet Owl one must go outside at night
02-13-2024 11:06 AM


It was a cold winter’s night and my beautiful wife Susan and I were watching movies. There was a fire crackling in the wood stove, we were enjoying good food and drink and we were both all snoodled up and comfy. It was everything you could have wanted...

Speaking of Nature: Where have all the birds gone?: They’re there, and here’s a handy tool to keep track of their appearances
02-06-2024 1:46 PM


I receive emails from readers throughout the year and I do my best to respond to them in a timely manner. Sometimes messages pile up in my inbox and sometimes things get filed incorrectly, but I genuinely do try to respond to every one. This year (the...

Speaking of Nature: Who is that mysterious woodpecker?: Presence of the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in winter has caused quite a stir with readers
01-30-2024 4:32 PM


My selection of a writing topic is not always an easy thing. Sometimes I sit down to the keyboard and find myself completely stuck. I haven’t had an idea all week and at the last minute I still find myself with nothing to focus on. These are the...

Speaking of Nature: Drama at the feeders: The arrival of winter means the arrival of some foul-weather friends
01-24-2024 10:30 AM


It appears as though winter has finally arrived. November and December (most of which is technically autumn) were very mild and all through the Christmas break the high temperatures were consistently above freezing. This resulted in little to no snow...

Speaking of Nature: It happens every year: Robins brave the snow in search of food
01-16-2024 11:45 AM


Every winter I get a few emails from readers who want to know if it is normal to see American Robins in winter and every winter I send out responses that indicate that the presence of these birds is quite normal. I then go on to discuss various...

Speaking of Nature: An immature Cooper’s Hawk gives me a glare
12-26-2023 9:27 AM


Dear Reader: I can’t believe that 2023 is almost over. Next week I am going to work on my traditional Year-In-Review column, but today I have decided to give myself permission to go back to one of my favorite photos of 2023. This is a photo that I...

Speaking of Nature: Worth the wait: Arrival of American tree sparrow should be any day now
11-14-2023 12:22 PM


As I write this column I am looking out my office window at a world that is enduring its first winter storm of the season. Back in October we saw the first flakes of snow, but that wasn’t really enough to describe as a storm. It was thrilling to see,...

Motorists warned as vehicle-deer collisions rise
11-12-2023 3:29 PM


With deer activity peaking as they move into their breeding season, officials are warning motorists to be careful to avoid colliding with the wandering ruminants, particularly during the evening commute.Vehicle-deer collisions in Massachusetts are...

Speaking of Nature: A surprise in a quiet corner: Nannyberry dazzles with a show of autumn color
10-17-2023 1:02 PM


“One has only to sit down in the woods or fields, or by the shore of the river or the lake, and nearly everything of interest will come round to him, — the birds, the animals, the insects; and presently, after his eye has got accustomed to place, and...

State research project aims to study bear population size, distribution
09-24-2023 3:44 PM


Experts say that if you encounter a bear it is important to immediately make yourself look big, talk very calmly and slowly back away.But after that, if you saw the carnivoran mammal in Massachusetts, you can go to bit.ly/3raabc8 to report the...

Speaking of Nature: Birds on the move: I want that fly — Observations of a hungry magnolia warbler
09-19-2023 3:55 PM


The first week of September was appalling. The highest combination of head and humidity that we had experienced all summer all presented in a heat wave that lasted for four days. Then, even though the temperatures moderated somewhat, the humidity...

New walkers help make rougher Mass Audubon trails accessible
08-23-2023 10:56 AM


EASTHAMPTON – Flora Majumder, age 88, enjoys taking a 20-minute walk every day. Where she lives — at Lathrop Retirement Community in Easthampton — paths, trails and exercise classes that accommodate the use of a cane or walker are plentiful.But, due...

Rare frosted elfin caterpillar spotted in Montague wildlife area 
07-20-2023 5:03 PM


MONTAGUE — Anywhere from 100 to 10,000 species go extinct each year, a rate 100 to 1,000 times faster than historic extinction rates, according to the American Museum of Natural History. Other species see their habitats condensed by urban development,...

Speaking of Nature: Downy woodpecker duo: Slight differences help in identifying adult, juvenile males
07-11-2023 2:54 PM


Although summer has only really just begun it feels like “deep summer” has already arrived. We already have the heat and the humidity and the almost daily threats of thunderstorms, but if you go out into nature and use your eyes and ears, then it...

The Beat Goes On: Green River Fest and Django in June near, Jazz Fest screens Roach doc, and more
06-08-2023 3:33 PM


As spring gets ready to segue into summer, the outdoor music scene is beginning to heat up. And in the Valley, there’s no bigger outdoor music event than the Green River Festival, set to take place June 23 through 25.Now in its 36th season, Green...

Quabbin Visitor Center renamed in memory of Les and Terry Campbell
06-06-2023 2:19 PM

By Max Bowen

With the Quabbin Reservoir in the background, friends and supporters celebrated a day two years in the making.The Quabbin Reservoir Visitor Center in Belchertown has been renamed the Les and Terry Campbell Quabbin Visitor Center, to honor the two...

Displaying articles 21 to 40 out of 63 total.

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