Amber Clooney: Short-term cuts have long-term consequences

Northampton High School

Northampton High School GAZETTE FILE PHOTO

Published: 07-08-2024 4:15 PM

Modified: 07-09-2024 10:53 AM

After reading the June 27 letter to the editor “Don’t mortgage Northampton’s future with short-term thinking”,” I felt compelled to respond. While I understand her concerns about structural issues in the budget, it is disingenuous to say that cutting the budget now is looking out for future students in Northampton.

Does the writer think the schools will somehow magically be better in the future if we cut services now? Will the schools be able to use those one-time funds, which keep being replenished but can’t be used now, in the future? If so, when?

If we cut now, the schools will be worse next year and in the foreseeable future. The mayor has stated that she wants a 4% increase each year for the schools. Given inflation and rising costs, these small increases in funding will amount to more cuts to services every year. The schools will not recoup these losses of excellent staff and will not recover from these cuts under the current and future budget planning.

I understand that budgets are difficult and that many people think there isn’t enough money to go around. But please don’t say this is about supporting future or current students. This budget doesn’t do that, not now and not in the future.

Amber Clooney