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Northampton’s historic Memorial Hall to get urgent repair
03-10-2024 11:47 AM


NORTHAMPTON — Mold grows out of several locations. Its structural support slowly deteriorates. And a large chunk of plaster has fallen from the ceiling, not far from an office desk where a worker sits.These are just some of the issues currently...

Guest columnist Laurie Loisel: Calling out ‘tragic lack of humanity’
03-08-2024 1:38 PM


I wish Karen Becovici, writer of the column, “LGBTQ and the erasure of true female identity” would embrace the concept expressed in my favorite bumper sticker: “You don’t have to believe everything you think.”I’ll leave to others more knowledgeable...

Jeanne and Jeffrey Barron: Column was a ‘conservative rant’
03-08-2024 1:37 PM

Wow, Gazette, you are doubling down on your desire to make trans lives even more difficult than necessary. Karen Bercovici’s guest column reads like a conservative rant of the “close the door behind me” variety [“LGBTQ and the erasure of true female...

Guest columnist Michael Dover: What age? One’s qualified, one’s not
03-08-2024 1:36 PM


It’s come to this. A Trump-appointed special counsel questioned the president of the United States — on the day after a horrific attack in Israel and an impending Gaza war — for five hours, about things that happened years ago, and concluded that Joe...

Northampton High School principal to retire in June
03-08-2024 11:32 AM


NORTHAMPTON — Northampton High School is on the hunt for a new principal to replace incumbent William Wehrli, who announced his intention to retire at the end of the current school year.Wehrli was hired as principal in December 2022 to fill a gap left...

Guest columnist Mark Karpel: On the ballot — hate and cruelty
03-07-2024 2:44 PM


It’s been said that Donald Trump corrupts everyone and everything he touches. While this usually takes place behind closed doors, we got to see it out in the open in real time at the end of the New Hampshire primary.Trump was marking his victory with...

Northampton City Briefing: Mayor awaits plans for St. Mary’s church; testifies on Beacon Hill
03-07-2024 1:42 PM


NORTHAMPTON — In the wake of a recent settlement between the city and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield over the removal of five stained-glass windows at St. Mary of the Assumption Church, the mayor this week said she’s eagerly anticipating...

Paul M. Craig: Blending Puritan and Anglican piety with Enlightenment thinking
03-06-2024 6:11 PM

During these holy and fasting days celebrating the story of Jesus, especially his resurrection and thus the beginning of Christianity, we might ask is the United States a Christian nation? By population, of course.Christians outnumber everyone else by...

Joseph Blumenthal: It’s OK for people to have more than they need
03-06-2024 6:11 PM

Guest columnist Jon Huer’s dim view of philanthropy and capitalism [“When giving is only false charity,” Gazette, Feb. 27] are badly mistaken. In general, it’s a very good thing if people have more than they need to get by. Indeed, civilization is...

Lisa Hall: Sunlight Act would bring transparency to state government
03-06-2024 6:11 PM

The legislative session in Boston is drawing to a close and one important act is waiting on a vote. The Sunlight Act would bring our Legislature and governor’s actions into the sunlight of public scrutiny. Did you know that our governor is exempt from...

Carrie N. Baker: One Fair Wage would not eliminate tipping
03-06-2024 6:11 PM

I would like to respond to Rachel Achmad’s Feb 27 letter to the editor, which responded to my Feb. 22 column in support of the One Fair Wage question on the November 2024 ballot in Massachusetts [“Subminimum wage is a legacy of slavery — Time for one...

‘No preference’ vote against Biden resonates with many Hampshire County voters
03-06-2024 4:21 PM


NORTHAMPTON — A campaign aimed at appealing for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war by expressing displeasure with President Joe Biden and other elected leaders for their handling of the Middle East conflict seems to have resonated with voters in...

Columnist J.M. Sorrell: Courage and commitment
03-05-2024 3:17 PM


International Women’s Day is March 8. While the UN did not adopt the day until 1977, its roots go back to the early part of the 20th century — a time when women in the U.S. and Europe were very active in both suffrage and labor movements. It was more...

Gerard Simonette: Nazism must be nipped in the bud
03-05-2024 3:15 PM

While Bob Couch’s guest column, “Where is the wisdom? Much wrong in the ‘Age of Innocence,’” is full of slanted and unsubstantiated assertions, I was mostly struck by the writer’s remarks concerning the use of the terms “Hitler” and “Nazi.” On one...

Longtime NHS football coach Ken O’Brien will serve as marshal for Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Parade
03-05-2024 12:51 PM


NORTHAMPTON — As February gives way to March, it can only mean that the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day parade is just around the corner, and Northampton delegates are gearing up to participate.Serving as grand marshal in the parade for Northampton this...

Downed power line in Northampton closes King Street for 12 hours
03-05-2024 12:30 PM


NORTHAMPTON — A section of King Street across from the former Sakura Buffet restaurant was shut down for more than 12 hours Monday night into early Tuesday morning after a tractor trailer truck hit an overhead electrical wire late Monday...

Columnist Joanna Buoniconti: My smile has changed, and I’m learning to be OK with it
03-04-2024 5:01 PM


As readers of my column are well aware, I tend to spill my guts about what’s currently going on in my life in the ink on this page for all of you to see — and fair warning, this is going to be another one of those. I have been wanting to write this...

Columnist Bill Newman: Resolving St Mary’s legal tussle is good for the city
03-03-2024 12:09 PM


Are you on the outside looking in? Or the inside looking out?This question, important in many spheres of life, took center stage in federal court this past week in Roman Catholic Bishop of Springfield v. City of Northampton. Let’s back up for a...

Peter LaBrusciano: Cartoon of world losing sympathy for Palestinians wrong
03-03-2024 12:06 PM

I remember after October 7th, maybe the 8th or 9th, this paper posted an offensive political cartoon depicting a character with a globe head (the white, euro-centric world order) telling a (what I assume was the depiction of) Palestinian man that the...

Maryanne Bernini Caughlin, Catherine Brown and Cornelia Klimczak: Unitarian Universalists advocating for reparations
02-29-2024 3:39 PM

Several members of the Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence’s (USNF) Racial Justice Team attended New England Public Media’s and Springfield College’s Feb. 15 hosting of the screening of a very moving new documentary film “The Cost of...

Displaying articles 101 to 120 out of 1343 total.

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