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Guest columnist Alex Kahn: Letter: King Street: Deciding the future of the gateway to Northampton

02-15-2024 7:28 PM


Next month, the Northampton Planning Board will consider a proposal to develop the large lot next to Foster Farrar Hardware, vacant since 2014, as a Volvo dealership. Cosenzi Auto Group, which already sells Volvos on Damon Road (as well as Hyundais...

Guest columnist Tom Gardner: 

02-15-2024 7:28 PM


 We just received a notice from Ming, our Gazette delivery person, that she must leave her delivery job to attend to her 92-year-old mother in Taiwan. I hope she won’t mind if I quote a section of her touching letter to her customers.“Every morning,...

Ann Darling: Dangers of nuclear power still in our midst

02-15-2024 7:28 PM

I am grateful to Sam Lovejoy for his 1974 weather-tower-toppling civil disobedience that brought the risks of nuclear power into public awareness in western Massachusetts, and I appreciate the front-page placement of your article about it [“Play it...

Columnist Russ Vernon-Jones: A win for the climate

02-15-2024 7:28 PM


For the last two months I’ve written to you about the U.S. becoming the world’s largest exporter of climate-destroying gas and oil; about the fossil fuel industry’s plans to vastly expand these harmful exports; and about a campaign to stop them by...

Guest columnist Marietta Pritchard: Hearing-deprived but still amused

02-14-2024 9:09 PM


‘You’ll have to speak louder,” I remember saying to a nurse about my father. “He is quite deaf.” My father looked up, annoyed. “Hard of hearing,” he said.He was over 90, and in the hospital with congestive heart failure. His hearing loss had gradually...

Paul Foster-Moore: Why are there so few child therapists?

02-14-2024 9:08 PM

I truly appreciated Maddie Fabian’s report describing the need to support and enhance child therapy services locally (and nationally) [“Young kids aren’t immune,” Gazette, Feb. 9]. I would like to see a follow up with an exploration of why the...

Seth Dunn: Mental health help for youth

02-14-2024 9:08 PM

The article “Young kids aren’t immune” [Gazette, Feb. 9] informs readers about the need for therapeutic help for children and families and the underlying mental health crisis. It highlights the important therapeutic work of individual therapist like...

Bob Armstrong: Stop unnecessary new gas projects

02-14-2024 9:08 PM

The influential lobby group Mothers Out Front and our local FCCPR Climate Task Force are promoting legislative action required to permanently halt gas expansion of huge new pipelines in Massachusetts. This is a critical step in addressing the climate...

Elizabeth Vierling: Thanks to the Amherst ZBA

02-14-2024 9:07 PM

I would like to thank the Amherst Zoning Board of Appeals for their thoughtful discussion on Feb 8th and for declining the request by Archipelago Investments Inc. for a variance that would have allowed a mixed-use building near Atkins Corner to have...

Gary Weiss: Towns should back Gaza cease-fire

02-14-2024 9:07 PM

On Oct. 16, the Amherst Town Council, like cities and towns across the country,  gave unanimous support to a resolution condemning the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel that took nearly 1,200 lives and 250 hostages.Since the day of that brutal attack, the...

Guest columnist Rev. Julie G. Olmsted: Love and sorry

02-13-2024 4:29 PM


In the 1970s novel “Love Story,” made into a movie of the same name, one its famous lines was, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” In my years of loving and making mistakes (OK, we’ll say sinning), it seems to me there perhaps was never a...

Guest columnist Rob Okun: Will men organize to end gun violence?

02-13-2024 4:26 PM


Guest columnist Rob Okun: Will men organize to end gun violence?

Columnist Karen Gardner: Did he really say that?

02-13-2024 4:25 PM


It would be hard to have missed this, but maybe you did. At a campaign rally on Saturday, as reported by the Associated Press, Donald Trump stated that, “as president, he warned NATO allies that he ‘would encourage’ Russia ‘to do whatever the hell...

Guest columnists Maria José Botelho, Deb Patterson and Camille Cammack: Scripted early reading approach no substitute for real teaching

02-12-2024 5:36 PM


In December, Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley made a proposal that the Legislature mandate that schools use “high-quality” reading curriculum across Massachusetts to “fix the literacy crisis.” Gov. Maura Healey’s recent release of her Literacy...

Major Elijah Kahn: The Salvation Army of Massachusetts looks forward to a new year

02-12-2024 5:33 PM

It is with the most heartfelt gratitude that The Salvation Army of Massachusetts thanks all those who contributed to the 2023 Red Kettle Campaign. Throughout the holidays your donations, regardless of size, contributed to aiding so many families...

Paticia K. Doppmann: Welcome to Taxhampton

02-12-2024 5:33 PM

Recently I read an article in the Gazette regarding the need for two overrides in Northampton in the next five years to fund the schools [“A grim budget preview,” Feb. 1]. What is wrong with this picture? This city is spending over $20 million to...

Alexis Ali: Why mar view from rail trail with a storage facility?

02-12-2024 5:33 PM

After reading guest op-eds about the new storage facility in Hadley [“Hadley should house people, not junk” Gazette, Feb. 2, and “They paved paradise and put up a storage facility” Gazette, Jan. 30], I too wanted to voice my annoyance and...

Columnist John Sheirer: A power in hands that work

02-11-2024 2:48 PM


Last summer, I asked my boss about taking some time off to address a medical issue. “As the human body ages,” I said, “strange things happen.” We laughed.“You must have lots of sick time saved up after working more than 30 years,” he said. I showed...

Guest columnists Markelle Smith and Ray Ettenger: Big step ahead for watershed, but one looming step back

02-11-2024 2:42 PM


This July, in the Connecticut River watershed, from northern Vermont and New Hampshire downstream to western Massachusetts, heavy rains brought intense flooding that swelled rivers, turned backyards into ponds, and ravaged agricultural fields....

Lynn Barclay: Catholics’ money and efforts misplaced

02-11-2024 2:41 PM

If only the Catholic Church focused as much loving attention on the parishioners its priests have raped and sexually molested as it does on its "sacred" stained-glass windows.Lynn BarclayNorthampton

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