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Linda Marston: Thank you Tara Jacobs

02-25-2024 12:10 AM

I want to thank Tara Jacobs for her excellent service on the Governor’s Council, representing our District 8 in western Massachusetts and the entire commonwealth. I greatly appreciated her recent guest column outlining many of the significant...

Eric Bachrach: Save elementary school positions

02-25-2024 12:09 AM

I read with great concern in the Feb. 15 edition of the Gazette of the possible elimination of both an elementary school music position as well as a special education position in the Amherst public school budget. I’m urging to eliminate neither...

David Alpern: Good masks still needed in health care to prevent Covid

02-25-2024 12:09 AM

We are writing to emphasize the critical need for retaining mask mandates in health care facilities, specifically promoting the use of N95 and KN95 masks, in our ongoing fight against COVID-19. This is a year-round imperative for community well-being,...

Nicholas Vasconcellos: The urgent need to reduce plastic consumption

02-25-2024 12:09 AM

I am writing to express support for An Act to Expand the Bottle Bill (H.3690/S.2104), which would significantly enhance recycling efforts in Massachusetts by increasing the bottle deposit from 5 cents to 10 cents. The act also will expand what can be...

Guest columnist Leyla Moushabeck: Amherst must back cease-fire for Gaza

02-23-2024 8:01 PM


On Feb. 26, the Amherst Town Council will vote on a resolution in support of a cease-fire in Gaza. Many councilors are currently considering whether this is a locally relevant issue. I am a resident of Amherst, a Palestinian American, and parent to...

The Rev. Vicki Kemper: A matter of survival

02-23-2024 4:07 PM

I was stunned to read the caption accompanying the Gazette’s (Feb. 17) photograph on page A3. Palestinians in Rafah, Gaza, it said, were lining up “for a free meal,” adding that basic supplies in Gaza are running short “because of the war between...

Merriam Ansara: Cable subsidy is tax philanthropy to the rich

02-23-2024 4:05 PM

According to the Feb. 22 Gazette report, “Thousands could lose internet service,” when the federal government ends the Affordable Connectivity Act, the ACP, some 55,000 people will be affected in the region. Well, my goodness. Why on earth should the...

Guest column: Re-elect Fleitman and Stuart to Republican State Committee

02-23-2024 4:01 PM


The Republican State Committee is the board of directors of the party. It operates like any organizational board; determining policies, direction, approving finances, and electing officers, particularly the chair position. As such, the state committee...

Columnist Susan Wozniak: Austen adaptation still gets me

02-22-2024 8:01 PM


Whether a book is a classic, like “Sense and Sensibility,” or a recent publication deserving of the rave reviews that put it on the lists of book clubs throughout America, readers really, really want to see the movie version as soon as possible....

Guest columnist Dr. E. Martin Schotz: Rethinking U.S. interests on anniversary of war in Ukraine

02-22-2024 5:11 PM


With the approaching second anniversary of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, we can expect that there will be various solutions offered to the current war there. On one side there will be calls for billions more in U.S. and NATO military aid to...

Nora DeJasu: Northampton public schools deserve support

02-22-2024 5:09 PM

There should not even be the discussion of eliminating staff and educators from the Northampton school district; we are bare bones as it is. Education and safety of children should not be survival of the fittest, but that’s what is happening in our...

John and Lisa Rhoades: Fleitman and Stuart for Republican State Committee

02-22-2024 5:09 PM

We are writing in support of Jay Fleitman, candidate for reelection to the Republican state committeeman seat and Mary L. Stuart for the Republican state committeewoman seat.Jay and Mary Lou have been ardent supporters and defenders of the Republican...

Rachel Markowitz: Let's march for both sides

02-22-2024 5:09 PM

Deborah Esther Schifter made a really important point in her beautiful guest column [“Both Sides Now,” Gazette, Feb. 21] acknowledging the legitimate concerns of both sides in the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict: that “when a person is under...

Don Siegel: Movement Voter Project doing impressive work

02-22-2024 5:09 PM

I wish to thank columnist Sara Weinberger for recommending the Movement Voter Project to those of us who are frustrated, but wish to do something to defeat Donald Trump and his MAGA cohorts in November.Given that the outcome for most states, such as...

Columnist Carrie N. Baker: Subminimum wage is a legacy of slavery — Time for one fair wage

02-22-2024 7:01 AM


During the summer after my sophomore year of college, I worked as a waitress in a West Hartford diner. I earned $2.13 an hour plus tips. I had to smile at nasty customers all day long to get the tips I relied on to pay rent for a room at the YWCA in...

Guest columnist Michael Seward: Coaches failed students, not MIAA — and hypocritical for legislator to demand accountability

02-21-2024 9:10 PM


Belchertown coaches failed to submit paperwork for the girls’ swim team, preventing them from competing in a tournament. Somehow it’s the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association’s fault, according to state Rep. Aaron Saunders.Although the...

Stephanie Schamess: Responding to a human tragedy

02-21-2024 9:06 PM

The Feb. 16 Northampton demonstration for Gaza narrowly defined the situation there as an “Israel=aggressor/Palestinians=victims” war. This oversimplifies a complex conflict born of decades of adversarial relationships, corrupt leadership and trauma...

Guest columnists Wendy Berg and Mark Reynolds: Polluters should pay at the border

02-20-2024 5:23 PM


The magnitude of global climate change has come home to us in Massachusetts. Last summer, flooding caused by intensive storms washed away roads and other critical infrastructure, destroying the crops on many local farms and in our community...

Guest columnist Deborah Esther Schifter: Both sides now

02-20-2024 5:23 PM


 In October 1973, a few months after graduating from college in Annapolis, Maryland, I was living on a kibbutz teaching mathematics to a cadre of American teenagers who were spending their sophomore year in Israel. On Yom Kippur, my holiday...

Mac Everett: Refreshing development

02-20-2024 5:21 PM

How refreshing to see the design of Gaurang Patel’s infill project in downtown Florence. In both size and appearance, it looks like it already belongs there. And instead of first tearing down a reusable building, he will build it on a vacant lot. Best...

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