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Matt Levin: Rogue Supreme Court?

07-08-2024 4:15 PM

I trust you are as outraged as I am — or hopefully, better informed than I, you are even more outraged — by the recent rulings by the judicial body formerly known as the Supreme Court.Short of organizing a massive mass water-ballooning of the court, I...

Amber Clooney: Short-term cuts have long-term consequences

07-08-2024 4:15 PM

After reading the June 27 letter to the editor “Don’t mortgage Northampton’s future with short-term thinking”,” I felt compelled to respond. While I understand her concerns about structural issues in the budget, it is disingenuous to say that cutting...

Rich and Sue Cairn: What is the future of environment worth?

07-08-2024 4:15 PM

Joe Biden has done far more for the environment than any previous president. He secured many billions to transition to renewable energy, with good jobs in the U.S. He protected millions of acres of habitat. He is rebuilding federal agencies decimated...

Laura Bogdanowicz: Not really for the better

07-08-2024 4:15 PM

As a fellow baby boomer, Richard McCarthy’s column about technology stuck very close to recent conversations I have recently had with friends [“Handling our devices,” Gazette, July 5].I applaud Mr. McCarthy’s statement that technology does “not change...

Sarah M. Bachrach: What about money not just words?

07-08-2024 4:15 PM

I appreciate it when entertainment venues recognize the Native American tribe/s that lived on the land. What bothers me is whether it’s a mass shooting or tribal recognition — it’s just words. Words do not correct atrocities and injustices.I believe...

Janet Q. Nelson: Honoring independence, freedom

07-08-2024 4:15 PM

The Fourth of July is celebrated across the country with flags and parades. Here in Northampton, Historic Northampton has provided us with another, deeply thoughtful way to gather. Each year we are invited to come together to read “What To the Slave...

Columnist John Sheirer: Defeating a compulsive liar

07-06-2024 8:19 PM


Dear Mr. President: Here are some thoughts about the recent debate based on my decades of teaching public speaking and persuasion. This will be tough love because I know you’re strong enough to handle it.With all due respect, we thought you’d do...

Jacquelyn Ballance: Why not mediate Main Street disputes?

07-06-2024 8:18 PM

I appreciated David McCutcheon’s July 2 guest column “Common sense needed with Main Street redesign.” Within a few hours I read a variety of wildly differing responses to it on Facebook. I’d like to share my own evolution with this plan here. A couple...

Danny Torres: Blame Putin, not NATO

07-06-2024 8:18 PM

I read David Kotz’s recent column because I disagree with him [“Understanding the Ukraine War,” Gazette, June 26]. I assume he understands the war in Ukraine as a proxy battle between the American and Russian empire. America represents the liberal...

David Glassberg: Trust the process

07-06-2024 8:18 PM

Biden won the Democratic nomination for president in 2020 because Democrats believed that, among all the candidates running in the primaries, he had the best chance of defeating Donald Trump. This year, Democrats held no meaningful primary elections...

Mark Foelster: Just say ‘no,’ to everything

07-06-2024 8:18 PM

I moved here seven years ago and was excited to plant roots in a progressive city with a great reputation among residents and visitors. As time goes on I can’t help but think we’re becoming a bunch of folks stuck in our ways and unwilling to take a...

Nina Scott: Thank you, Steve Pfarrer

07-06-2024 8:18 PM

I saw with regret that features writer Steve Pfarrer was retiring after many, many years of service to the Gazette and the arts communities. I do not begrudge him his retirement in any way, but I shall miss his writing very much. Thank you, Steve, and...

Guest columnist Richard Szlosek: What son’s death did to Coolidge

07-06-2024 7:01 AM


 To a casual observer on July 4, 1924, Calvin Coolidge must have seemed the most fortunate man in the nation. It was his 52nd birthday, and just weeks before he had secured the Republican nomination for the presidency. His election appeared a shoo-in...

Guest columnist Mayor Gina-Louise Sciarra: Getting school budget on even keel will require override

07-05-2024 12:41 PM


 For several years, the Northampton Public Schools have been paying for an expanded staff and increased compensation with now-exhausted one-time funds, primarily federal pandemic aid and the “school choice” fund that collects money from...

Susan E. Routhier: Smith Voc graduation

07-05-2024 12:37 PM

I had a wonderful experience attending this year’s graduation ceremony. Speakers seemed connected to the students and the school. The school used several shops to complete the tasks needed to make it a success … carpentry built the stage, graphic...

Carol Mardeusz: ‘Appalled’ by Supreme Court article placement

07-05-2024 12:37 PM

I am appalled that a July 1 story about such an important decision by the Supreme Court was relegated to the lower right corner of the front page the following day [“Ruling grants ex-presidents immunity,” Gazette, July 2]. In my opinion, it deserved...

Guest columnist Alexander Ewing: Trump’s election will not be the fault of his supporters

07-04-2024 9:56 AM


 Just over a 100 years ago, in the presidential election of 1920, nearly a million people (3.4% of the popular vote) voted for a man in federal prison who eight years earlier had managed to attract 6% of the popular vote, although in number this was...

Guest columnist Ruth Leahey: Multiple ZIP code issue not worth addressing

07-04-2024 9:56 AM


 I didn’t attend the June 18 Whately Town Meeting for several reasons, including the high temperatures outside and having compromised health. However, I read the news coverage and listened to many townspeople [“Solo ZIP code, Gaza peace petitions...

Ann Darling: Nation was founded on genocide and enslavement and was never a democracy

07-04-2024 9:55 AM

In response to John Huer’s July 1 guest column [“On our last Independence Day”], I too decry our swift drift away from the founding ideals of the United States. Mr. Huer asks “How is such a national debacle possible? It was in the very blueprint that...

Guest columnist William Lambers: Celebrate America with acts of kindness

07-03-2024 3:45 PM


 Right before the 4th of July in 1944, President Franklin D. Roosevelt praised Americans for lending a “neighborly and sympathetic hand” to those in need.In a letter published by newspapers around the nation, Roosevelt wrote about the National War...

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