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Guest columnist Jonathan A. Wright: All in against Republican project, for Democratic ideals

02-09-2024 9:00 PM


Throughout our country, rigged legislative boundaries sponsored by Republicans over recent decades, and now upheld and legitimized by a twisted Supreme Court that does not believe in enforcing voting rights for all, have spawned legislatures with...

Pam Hyjek: Biden blew it over Gaza

02-09-2024 8:56 PM

It will be a crime against humanity if the Democratic Party insists on supporting a second term for President Joe Biden. The ridiculous argument of attempting to frighten voters with the prospect of a second Trump term will not work — it will only...

Stephen Armstrong: I'm getting a wee bit tense

02-09-2024 8:56 PM

The anger and resentment in the Gazette’s letters puzzle me. What could drive people this way? The biggest, wealthiest, and the most generous country ever, in a county that seems to be doing all right — and yet we frame our politics in this?Liberals...

Sidney Moss: Need to abolish capital punishment in the U.S.

02-09-2024 8:56 PM

Bill Newman makes compelling points in his recent column “The illusion of kinder, gentler executions” [Gazette, Feb. 3]. When he describes the various ways that executions are conducted as purportedly legitimate ways of killing people, ranging from...

Guest columnist Al Norman: Raising the estate tax on the very richest Americans

02-08-2024 9:22 PM


‘The greatest threat to our national security is our nation’s debt,” said Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson in his first speech in November after being elected speaker of the U.S. House. “Tough decisions will have to be made, but the consequences if...

Guest columnist Mariel E. Addis: Terrified about what Trump win would mean

02-08-2024 9:17 PM


It was 2016, the last year of the Obama administration. It was an election year with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on the presidential ballot. I don’t have to remind you who won.Most of us, at least here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, had...

Glenn Siegel: Thanks for the good writing by columnists

02-08-2024 9:16 PM

A quick note of thanks to guest columnist Doug Selwyn for “High-stakes testing regime the opposite of educating kids” [Gazette, Feb. 5], and to sports columnist Jim Johnson for “One football game, 125 commercials” [Gazette, Feb. 6]. Their pieces —...

Judy Pozar: Why I’m voting for Nikki Haley, not Biden, in the primary

02-08-2024 9:16 PM

I am planning to vote for Nikki Haley in the Republican primary, because I’ll do whatever I can to prevent the current front-runner (former president Trump) from becoming the nominee. Massachusetts has 40 delegates to award in the Republican primary....

Columnist Tolley Jones: Black women rising

02-07-2024 7:07 PM


The other day I was in my office working on a grant report with my door closed, when suddenly loud and joyous laughter exploded in the hallway. My fellow brown female coworkers were laughing the way brown women laugh when they are surrounded by other...

Guest columnist Rob Moir: Will melting Greenland ice divert Gulf Stream?

02-07-2024 7:05 PM


With climate change, a 1% increase in watts per square meter of heat energy is warming the ocean, causing seawater to swell, currents to flow stronger, and greater storms to rage. Ancient Greeks believed Oceanus, the ocean river, separated the known...

Patrick T. Ott: Legislation declaring adults as juveniles is juvenile

02-07-2024 7:05 PM

This bill in the Massachusetts Senate awaiting passage, declaring people 18-20 years old are juveniles, in essence is juvenile. The Democrats are grasping at straws, trying to manipulate our youth.From one extreme to the next. Lowering the voting age...

Joanne K. Hilferty: Goodwill CEO thanks Pioneer Valley residents

02-07-2024 7:05 PM

Thank you, Pioneer Valley residents, for donating clothing and household goods to Goodwill! In 2023, you donated 61,000 pounds and, in doing so, made a difference for those most in need in our community.Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries is a...

Columnist J.M. Sorrell: Allies and accomplices

02-06-2024 4:02 PM


As we celebrate Black History Month, I am reminded of moments filled with grace and solidarity between allies who respond to particular tragedies and accomplices who walk the walk throughout long-term justice movements. Empathy and an internal ethical...

Lawrence Pareles: Ability to regulate effectively hangs in the balance 

02-06-2024 4:01 PM

I’m concerned about a new potential threat to our government because the right-wing Supreme Court is considering and might overturn the 1984 “Chevron deference” doctrine. This technical principle lets federal agencies interpret laws passed by...

Kurt Heidinger: McGovern voted to bar PLO members from entering U.S. 

02-06-2024 4:01 PM

On Jan. 31, Congressman Jim McGovern voted for H.R.6679 [No Immigration Benefits for Hamas Terrorists Act], which passed. It makes it illegal for representatives of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to enter the United States. The Biden...

Mark Frost: Where will it end?

02-06-2024 4:01 PM

A few months ago the city lowered the real estate tax rate but raised the valuation of properties. Net result, higher taxes. Now we hear in the Gazette that the city is warning about another Proposition 2 ½ override. I agree that the schools need to...

Leo Ojala: Real answers needed for rising auto insurance rates

02-06-2024 4:01 PM

This week, a local TV news station ran a story about the reasons for increased auto insurance rates. They cited the increased cost of replacing bumpers and even had some dollar figure comparisons. The report ignored the elephant in the room. There was...

Columnist Joanna Buoniconti: Why are guns easier to get than medical equipment?

02-05-2024 4:43 PM


Since we are now well into 2024, I want to take a moment to address an issue that seems to keep cropping up no matter what year we’re in — school shootings and the need for stricter gun laws.I know this is a bold statement with which to start an...

Guest columnist Pema Latshang : School leaders need to further invest in their teachers

02-05-2024 4:42 PM


Over the past three years, it’s become clear just how essential teachers are to the everyday lives of the western Massachusetts community. In remote and hybrid settings they were there for us throughout the pandemic, with many stepping up to do this...

Guest columnist Rosemary Kofler: Amherst Senior Center needs attention

02-05-2024 4:42 PM


In response to the Jan. 11 Gazette article “Seniors seeking a better shake from the town,” I wish to share my observations.During the 20 years that I volunteered at the Amherst Senior Center, I witnessed numerous ways in which the center serves...

Displaying articles 81 to 100 out of 1786 total.
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