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Tom Bassett: Multi-sport courts

06-24-2024 4:43 PM

I appreciated Eric Derman’s letter of June 13 that advocated that six new pickleball courts at Ellerbrook Field be designed compatible to play tennis and pickleball. I would propose going a step further to put the fundraising effort toward the goal of...

Charles Schmid Jr.: Christian Books

06-24-2024 4:43 PM

When you go to any grocery store or other stores you find no Christian books. Stop & Stop, Big Y, Walmart, even BJ’s used to have little rotating stands with Christian books. Now they are gone. This writer asks them to bring the books back.Charles...

Nancy E. Grove: More apartments not cars on King Street

06-24-2024 4:43 PM

The news item in the paper today under “10 years ago” [“A Look Back,” June 19] about the car dealership on King Street reminded me to tell my thoughts on this lot. When you enter this lot at the light, this road could have electric charging stations...

Columnist Richard Fein: Netanyahu addressing Congress would be an insult to America

06-23-2024 10:58 AM


The Congress of the United States has invited Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin ( Bibi) Netanyahu to speak to a joint session next month. Although the invitation was initiated by Republicans, the two top congressional Democrats, Senate Majority Leader...

Guest columnist Carrie Foley: Public school budgets force private choices

06-23-2024 10:57 AM


 I am one of hundreds of dedicated public school teachers in Northampton and one among many parents of teenagers living here. Three years ago, I found a small private school and removed my son from Northampton Public Schools.I have previously...

Jenny Hansell: Choosing medical aid in dying

06-23-2024 10:56 AM

Opponents of Medical Aid in Dying cite the possibility that disabled or poor people could be coerced into choosing it. The experience of my dear friend Michael, who chose MAID and departed surrounded by loved ones a week ago today as I write this,...

Stephen Gilson: School Committee at fault for financial problems

06-23-2024 10:56 AM

After creating a budget crisis by recklessly spending one-time money on recurring expenses, the Northampton School Committee is asking the city for a bail out by using its savings to prop up the school budget. But these savings are just another source...

Guest columnist Joseph Levine: Why challenge to Israel is felt as fear

06-21-2024 3:06 PM


A common theme in the justification for the violent police raids on the pro-Palestine encampments on campuses across the country, including my own at UMass Amherst, has been their alleged antisemitic character and the consequent feelings of being...

Steve Croteau: Supporting LGBTQ+ Veterans during Pride Month and all year long

06-21-2024 2:42 PM

The service and sacrifice of all our veterans should be fully recognized, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV status. The Veterans’ Bonus Division of the Office of the State Treasurer is proud to support all our state’s...

Denise Tetrault: Do not support ‘cruel’ sport of horse racing

06-21-2024 2:42 PM

Regarding the Horseracing Wrongs protest on Belmont Stakes Day at Saratoga racetrack: I’d like to note that there were over 50 protesters against this cruel and deadly “sport” in attendance. Yes, we were ignored, laughed at, and sometimes treated with...

Julia Riseman: Your small change makes a big difference at CET

06-21-2024 2:42 PM

All of us at CET (formerly the Center for EcoTechnology) wish to thank the thousands of generous River Valley Co-op shoppers who collectively donated $10,000 in small change in the month of April. CET is putting these funds to work to mitigate over 80...

Martin Miller: Jones Library project not an either-or proposition

06-21-2024 2:42 PM

Thank you, Austin Sarat and Sharon Sharry, for your leadership and concise, accurate and rational guest column “Why Jones expansion remains best option” [Gazette, June 15]. And thank you to the professional staff and the many volunteers who have...

Michael Hoffman: Paradise lost: So close and so not far

06-21-2024 2:42 PM

I write to express my wonder about Amherst’s so very beautiful Sweet Alice pond and trails. We are so very lucky, blessed even that it can exist amid us, and be managed by the totally socially and ecologically responsible Kestrel Land Trust.Idyllic...

Columnist Russ Vernon-Jones: A turning point in human history?

06-20-2024 3:31 PM


Will we be able to pass a livable world on to future generations? Given the climate emergency, is there hope for the future?Whether we want to think about climate change or not, most of us care about the answers to these questions. New polling data...

Ira Bryck: Stop the non-starter Jones Library expansion

06-20-2024 3:29 PM

I urge the Town Council to support the motion by Cathy Schoen, to stop the library project by telling the town manager to not sign a contract with FAA architects, so that there will not be another $500,000-plus spent on more “value engineering” to...

Anthony Fyden: Say no to green power grab, don’t let go of local control

06-20-2024 3:29 PM

In 1939, the flooding of the Quabbin Reservoir began, drowning four western Massachusetts towns to quench Boston’s thirst for growth. In a way, history is about to repeat itself, this time in pursuit of green energy dollars.Boston politicians and...

Guest columnist Ken Rosenthal: Expensive obstacles for library contractor

06-19-2024 5:16 PM


 The Jones Library in Amherst received just one unaffordably high bid for its renovation plans. It is now applying “value engineering,” hoping that a redesign and changes in materials will bring more bids at lower prices. That is an expensive effort...

Columnist Johanna Neumann with Sara Ross: Three more electric school buses coming to Amherst

06-19-2024 5:15 PM


 Earlier this month, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that Amherst will add three new electric school buses to its fleet thanks to a $600,000 grant from EPA’s historic Clean School Bus Program.The Clean School Bus Program was created...

Dennis Bidwell: It's time to approve the mayor's budget

06-19-2024 5:15 PM

I watched the special meeting of the City Council on June 17, eager to hear Councilor Quaverly Rothenberg’s promised plan for addressing the city’s looming budget deficit without cutting positions in the School Department and without requiring a...

Valerie Reiss: Forget the grown-ups

06-19-2024 5:15 PM

It appears that the mayor and much of the City Council remain bound to the incorrect notion that we don’t have enough money to properly fund the schools — and that advocating for level funding is somehow distasteful or disrespectful. Even though...

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