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Guest columnist Joe Gannon: Broken political infrastructure on display

07-03-2024 3:45 PM


 What did we learn from the presidential debate we did not know beforehand? Nothing. What has the debate changed? Nothing, other than the sound of Democratic knickers twisting in agony across the nation.President Joe Biden, it turns out, is an elderly...

Amy Leos-Urbel: Time to speak up

07-03-2024 2:58 PM

As in previous years, many of us participated this week in community readings of Frederick Douglass's compelling speech "What to the slave is your Independence Day?" These gatherings are valuable for reminding and inspiring us to re-commit to the...

Peter Contuzzi: Solving the Democrats’ dilemma

07-03-2024 2:58 PM

Here’s a practical solution to the Democrats’ dilemma that’s based on political realities rather than appeals for the good of the country and preserving dignity. President Joe Biden controls virtually all the delegates to the Democratic convention and...

Christine Nolan: Happy birthday Calvin Coolidge

07-03-2024 2:58 PM

Happy birthday, Calvin Coolidge, born July 4, 1872Calvin CoolidgeGinger-haired, painfully shynot an athlete, and lacking in social skillsthis Vermont Farmer’s son was a misfiton the campus of Amherst CollegeNo fraternity would have himand they labeled...

Mike Quinlan Sr.: Trump’s lies embarassing

07-03-2024 2:58 PM

After watching the presidential debate last week, it is very disheartening to hear political pundits and others call for Joe Biden to drop out of the race for president. Donald Trump spent the whole 90 minutes telling lie after lie, and not one pundit...

Guest Columnist Michael Dover: Stop dreaming about replacing Biden and get moving to defeat Trump

07-02-2024 6:30 PM


 Presidential “debates” are not debates, they are performances. They say nothing about policies or facts, and little if anything about why one should or shouldn’t vote for the performers. Last week’s debate showed one thing for certain: No one should...

Columnist J.M. Sorrell: Zionism for real

07-02-2024 6:29 PM


‘Kill the Zionists!” While I hope that ignorance is at play more than hatred, my concern is that for the narrative to continue to fit one’s reality, such obliviousness evolves into the justification to do harm and so it becomes evil.If you are open to...

Rebecca Fricke: League of Women Voters of Amherst supports civic engagement

07-02-2024 6:29 PM

This past year the League of Women Voters of Amherst was proud to give out a total of $4,000 to two different local initiatives. Amherst Regional Public Schools teacher Tim Austin received a grant for The Civic Literacy and Organizing Project to...

Ronald Wozniak: Questions debate coverage

07-02-2024 6:29 PM

After the debate between incumbent President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, it’s apparent and has been apparent for some time that your publication favors a one-sided point of view favoring all that is good re: Joe Biden and the...

Columnist Joanna Buoniconti: Following my passion to editing business

07-01-2024 5:01 PM


I have some exciting news to share with you all! About a month ago, I officially opened my passion project business that I’ve been dreaming of: JB’s Book Editing. I want to start this column by getting into the nitty-gritty of what led me to start my...

David Arbeitman: President Biden — Thank you for your service but please step aside

07-01-2024 4:53 PM

President Joe Biden has accomplished much in the 3½ years that he’s been in office including: addressing the climate crisis, expanding the Affordable Care Act, bringing down unemployment, caring for our veterans, and fighting for reproductive rights,...

Guest columnist David McCutcheon: Common sense needed with Main Street redesign

07-01-2024 4:51 PM


 In approximately three years, the city of Northampton has committed to a complex renovation of our historic downtown. This huge construction project will include the entire “Main Street” infrastructure, its streets and sidewalks. It has been...

Guest columnist Jon Huer: We bid farewell to democracy on our last Independence Day

06-30-2024 10:42 AM


As a lifetime observer of American society and history, just now I am witnessing an astonishing historical event no human being has ever seen before: a nation voluntarily abandoning its democracy to welcome autocracy (very possibly fascism). On our...

Daniel Cannity: Level-service funding is the cost

06-30-2024 10:41 AM

When it comes to funding our children’s education, it’s never too late. We’ve heard from the mayor that non-recurring funds are available to cover schools and maintain level services in Northampton this year. She chooses not to use them in the name of...

Sarah Buttenwieser, Amy Martyn, and Kristen Elde: Care and communication as community values

06-30-2024 10:41 AM

If we believe budgets are moral documents, then we must ensure our values are reflected in how we spend our money. We must ensure Northampton’s budget reflects our city’s greatest needs.We consider caring for one another to be at the top of the list...

Mary Hall: Recognition due for local bridge builders

06-30-2024 10:41 AM

The late Paula Green of Leverett and Hands Across the Hills did seed work for the projects outlined in “Is the Partisan Divide Too Big to Be Bridged?” [New York Times, June 16]. Their leadership contributions have been extraordinary, and should be...

Lisa Cain: Amherst College needs to give to ARPS now

06-30-2024 10:41 AM

In a June 10 article in this paper, Amherst College’s spokesperson outlined that they had many meetings about a potential contribution to the Amherst-Pelham Regional School district. They have decided to wait until a new superintendent is in place...

Guest columnist Karl Tacheron: Lovely rail trail can’t replace city bike lanes and paths

06-28-2024 2:24 PM


 My favorite thing in the Pioneer Valley is the Norwottuck Rail Trail. I mainly use it to commute back and forth to UMass, but I also experience it as a restorative environment and sanctuary from dangerous roads.Technically, this trail is a “linear...

John Sinton: Misunderstanding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

06-28-2024 2:22 PM

With reference to David Kotz’s column of June 26 [“Understanding the Ukraine War”], I’m unsure whether the writer is trolling us or is a die-hard Putin apologist, but, readers should understand that he comes from a long line of tsarist and Soviet...

Grant Ingle: UMass chancellor’s task force plan ‘deficient’

06-28-2024 2:22 PM

UMass Amherst Chancellor Javier Reyes has again demonstrated that he should resign. Reyes made the ill-advised decision to call in the State Police in riot gear to arrest students and faculty members peacefully protesting in support of Palestinians....

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