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George Ryan: Why support effort to rebid Jones expansion?

06-26-2024 5:49 PM


After over an hour of intense discussion, the Amherst Town Council voted 4-8-1 on June 17 to reject Councilor Cathy Schoen’s motion to urge the town manager to not sign a contract extension with the Jones Library architects. This would have been in...

Megan Zinn: Don’t mortgage Northampton’s future with short-term thinking

06-26-2024 5:48 PM

The prevailing narrative in discussions of Northampton’s budget is that there is $2 million of free cash that the city could spend to resolve the current school budget crisis. This is untrue. “Free cash” is non-guaranteed funds that remain at the end...

Letter: Legislature should pass medical aid in dying

06-26-2024 5:48 PM

I am seconding Jenny Hansell’s letter in support of medical aid in dying [”Choosing medical aid in dying,” Gazette, June 23]. The description of her friend’s illness and pursuit of medical assistance is heartbreaking. He lived in Colorado and, while...

Guest columnist Daniel Gilbert: Ranked-choice voting opens the door for third-party candidates

06-26-2024 6:01 AM

I appreciate the sentiment in Olin Rose-Bardawil’s recent column about our unfortunate two-party political system [”Americans want more than two choices,” Gazette, June 14].Mr. Rose-Bardawil speculates that many readers will dismiss him as...

Guest columnist David M Kotz: Understanding the Ukraine war

06-25-2024 7:13 PM


 Most of the reporting about the Ukraine war in the American mass media paints Russia as the aggressor and Ukraine as the victim. The war is characterized as one between democracy and dictatorship, between rule of law and rule by the strongest.That is...

Betty Ussach-Schwartz: The movement towards a theocracy

06-25-2024 6:44 PM

The pundits, talking heads and historians who see a movement toward a theocracy and who are proclaiming that Trump and his minions want to impose an autocratic regime upon the United States are misinterpreting the signals. Banning books, abortions...

Rick Hart: New supportive housing

06-25-2024 6:44 PM

We at Hampshire Support Alliance (formerly Friends of Hampshire County Homeless Individuals) were happy to see the Gazette’s extensive reporting on Independent Housing Solutions, housing people who don’t always fit into traditional housing options....

Sidney Moss: Americans need to hold fast to our democratic values

06-25-2024 6:44 PM

I have to agree with many of the points raised in Karen Gardner’s column “Convicted felon for hire,” [Gazette, June 12]. Donald Trump has certainly given much evidence that his character and record make him unfit to be the president of the United...

David Ball: About ‘river to the sea’

06-25-2024 6:44 PM

Guest columnist Joseph Levine is absolutely right to say that “With the hyperbolic rhetoric emanating from their elders and mentors about the prevalence of antisemitic hate at the protests, it’s not surprising that some Jewish students believe it and...

Jan Norris: Democratic Party not so hot

06-25-2024 6:44 PM

So, as usual, the Gazette has printed several opinion pieces critical of the Republican Party while praising the outstanding job Joe Biden has done over the last four years, and I understand the Gazette rarely prints opinions that are critical of...

Columnist Susan Wozniak: Enlightenment might have passed Louisiana by

06-24-2024 4:45 PM


The 19th day of June saw Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry sign into a law a requirement that the Ten Commandments be displayed in all public schools. The ceremony was held at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School. Landry is a practicing Catholic.I was...

Guest columnist Gene Stamell: The wise ask why

06-24-2024 4:44 PM


 It is a ludicrous endeavor to attempt to fit all human beings into two distinct categories. But if my life depended upon my doing so (or if I were to refuse to do so at the risk of being condemned to sit in a cinema, watching “The Piano” over and...

Charles Schmid Jr.: Christian Books

06-24-2024 4:43 PM

When you go to any grocery store or other stores you find no Christian books. Stop & Stop, Big Y, Walmart, even BJ’s used to have little rotating stands with Christian books. Now they are gone. This writer asks them to bring the books back.Charles...

Tom Bassett: Multi-sport courts

06-24-2024 4:43 PM

I appreciated Eric Derman’s letter of June 13 that advocated that six new pickleball courts at Ellerbrook Field be designed compatible to play tennis and pickleball. I would propose going a step further to put the fundraising effort toward the goal of...

Nancy E. Grove: More apartments not cars on King Street

06-24-2024 4:43 PM

The news item in the paper today under “10 years ago” [“A Look Back,” June 19] about the car dealership on King Street reminded me to tell my thoughts on this lot. When you enter this lot at the light, this road could have electric charging stations...

Columnist Richard Fein: Netanyahu addressing Congress would be an insult to America

06-23-2024 10:58 AM


The Congress of the United States has invited Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin ( Bibi) Netanyahu to speak to a joint session next month. Although the invitation was initiated by Republicans, the two top congressional Democrats, Senate Majority Leader...

Guest columnist Carrie Foley: Public school budgets force private choices

06-23-2024 10:57 AM


 I am one of hundreds of dedicated public school teachers in Northampton and one among many parents of teenagers living here. Three years ago, I found a small private school and removed my son from Northampton Public Schools.I have previously...

Jenny Hansell: Choosing medical aid in dying

06-23-2024 10:56 AM

Opponents of Medical Aid in Dying cite the possibility that disabled or poor people could be coerced into choosing it. The experience of my dear friend Michael, who chose MAID and departed surrounded by loved ones a week ago today as I write this,...

Stephen Gilson: School Committee at fault for financial problems

06-23-2024 10:56 AM

After creating a budget crisis by recklessly spending one-time money on recurring expenses, the Northampton School Committee is asking the city for a bail out by using its savings to prop up the school budget. But these savings are just another source...

Guest columnist Joseph Levine: Why challenge to Israel is felt as fear

06-21-2024 3:06 PM


A common theme in the justification for the violent police raids on the pro-Palestine encampments on campuses across the country, including my own at UMass Amherst, has been their alleged antisemitic character and the consequent feelings of being...

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